“World Music Day”: The Best Day in History?

World Music Day

Published on June 21, 2021

Music is an indefinable sensation that influences our soul in indefinite ways, and to honour this art we celebrate “World Music Day”. From enjoying the beat and dancing on the song to crying over the lyrics and sobbing with the tone, we do it all with music. Music is not just the flow of rhythm it’s a soothing sensation of completeness. It has a special place in our heart and is a very definite part of life that gives the fullness of living.

 “Music is a language that doesn’t speak in a particular word, it speaks in emotions and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones”

Every culture, tradition, race and religion celebrate with the music of its kind. History remains the witness of the healing power that music peruses. It is also scientifically proved that music plays a tremendous role in healing depression, anxiety, as it boosts dopamine lowers cortisol and makes you feel great.

Since music has such level of power and uniqueness to its depth, people have been celebrating music day on June 21, for many years now.

How it all started:

It all started in France in 1982, it was back then when music became a very important part of peoples lives that they started celebrating this festival on a worldwide impression. Fete de la Musique was a music festival celebrated at the time in honour of music. This idea was conveyed by the French Minister of Culture Jack Lang in 1981. Since then the day has been celebrated every year as the World Music Day and has been treasured ever since.

However, this is not the only theory that goes in for history to mark. Yet another hypothesis claims that in 1976, American musician Joel Cohen proposed this festival in France. He summoned an all-night music celebration to mark the beginning of the summer solstice and since then the entire world celebrates World Music Day on June 21.


World Music Day  Celebration

Well, as for celebration, it is evident that musicians perform for free in parks, museums, train stations, castles etc. and call for some sort of Music Day Carnival. However, since we have been hit hard by the pandemic, we will most likely celebrate this music day inside our safe space.

Things you can do on this day:

Since music is a language of its own and people all around the world celebrate it, here are some ways you can celebrate this day with your loved ones:

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  • Sweet Gesture: You can dedicate a cute and happy song to your loved ones and bring a smile on their face.
  • Voice Memo: Well, although not all of us are good singers we can at least sing a line or two of our preferred songs to our favourite person and make their day.
  • Break a move: Well, we can always break a move and show off our dance skills with the ideal song and let the happiness and joy in.
  • Express: To all the great singers, artists and dancers, we know music is your everyday duo and has a very special place in your heart. So, why not share your skills that flows with the rhythm of your heart.
World Music Day
  • Breathe in: This is my personal favourite element. Just getting your headphones on or turning on the music and taking it all in. Appreciating the soothing flow of lovely rhythm.

So, with that, we have some history, facts and ways we can celebrate the art of Music on the Occasion of “World Music Day”. Don’t forget to mention your way of celebrating this day and also drop your favourite music on the comment section down below. Till next time Enjoy the art of Music and “Happy World Music Day” to all of you out there.

Sashya Paudel

Sashya Paudel

February 2, 2023




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