Top 10 Songs that will make you Happy in 2020

Songs That will Make you Happy

Published on June 6, 2020

Songs are the best feeling in the world. We have heard the phrase that says “When we are happy, we listen to the song but when we are sad we understand the Music”. This phrase is so true that we can’t help but agree to it. So, today we will be focusing on the happy part. Since music can be the key to turn on the best feeling in the world which is “happiness”, we have a list of top 10 songs that will make you feel happy, inspired motivated all at the same time.

1) Can’t stop the feeling: Justin Timberlake

Songs that will make you happy

Can’t Stop The Feeling is a very cherishing song that can take you to cloud nine and make you feel like dancing in a heartbeat. It is a happy vibe reflecting song and can get you on your feet.

2) Better when I’m dancing Megan Trainer

Songs that will make you happy

This is another happy song that will make you bounce on your feet. It has a very authentic and catchy beat that will make you enjoy every second of your day.

3) Shake it Off: Taylor Swift

Songs That will make you happy

When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it and if there is too much stress then you just shake it off with Taylor Swifts “Shake it off”. It is so good and catchy that it even has over a billion views on YouTube.

4) Sugar: Maroon 5

Songs That will Make you happy

Maroon Five is one of the famous bands that everyone loves and since they have such amazing music that can lift any feeling, WHY NOT! We also love the eccentric and fun vibes that Sugar by the band gives us. It is also one of the songs that have over a billion views. So, if you’re feeling happy and vibing a good mood and want to add a song to your morning playlist this is the song for you.

5) Pharrell Williams: Happy

Songs That makes you happy

Just play the song and let the music let you move because that is exactly what this song does to you. It makes you happy and makes you want to clap and dance and lose yourself. It is up-beating in every way and recommended.

6) Rise: Katy Perry

Songs That will make you Happy

Now, if you are feeling tired and down and want to give up on life, and you want a cup of motivation, empowerment and boost in confidence all at once then this is the song you are looking for. This is the song that will motivate you and your inner soul.

7) Sunflower: Post Malone

Songs That will make you Happy

Just another masterpiece that can make your world full of happiness and joy, this is the best song that can make you dance and bring a cute smile in your beautiful face. This is a very chill and relaxing happy song that has a very relaxing vibe which will make it in your playlist if it hasn’t already.

8) Alyssa Cara: Scares to your beautiful

Songs That will make you Happy

This is an empowerment song that makes you believe in yourself and motivates you if you are feeling insecure about yourself. This is a very beautiful song which will make you endeavour acceptance in your life and will give happiness of realization that you are beautiful no matter what and you, your own self else has got to see that more than anyone else.

9) Little Mix: Salute

Songs That will make you Happy

This is also another song especially for girls and young women to self-reflect. When you listen to a song and it reaches to your core and makes an indispensable mark on your soul, that is the feeling that you will feel when you will listen to this song. This is one of the songs that every girl needs to listen at least once

10) Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk ft Mark Ronson

Best Songs that will make you happy

This has been a legendary song from the day it debuted Sang by the one and only Bruno Mars this is just a vibrant and amazing song that can make you dance and stretch a move on the spot. So, if you want to be feeling the vibe, this is the song. Except for having more than a billion of views this song also has some very amazing dance moves in its video. We are pretty sure you have heard this song multiple times and if you don’t do it anymore then giving it one more shot would be a great option too

These are the list of top 10 songs that you can listen to when you are happy or want to feel happy.

Also, let us know in the comment section below your top 10 songs or the name of your favourite song so that we can include that in our upcoming posts as well.

Sashya Paudel

Sashya Paudel

February 2, 2023


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