6 Surprising Facts about Beethoven – Want to get Shocked?


Published on October 27, 2021

About Beethoven

Talking about Beethoven his full name is Ludwig Van Beethoven is one of the greatest geniuses in the field of music that ever lived. A pioneer of music and an inspiration to many musicians worldwide, Beethoven started music early in his life and only death could retire him at the age of fifty-five. He composed over 700 pieces of music and left such an imprint on this field that very few can replicate.

About Beethoven

More About Beethoven


It’s a pity how little most people know about the genius of a man that is Beethoven. So here are a few things about Beethoven that you probably haven’t heard of.

Forced Prodigy

Beethoven was considered a prodigy by most people. But this talent didn’t come easy for him. His father was strict with him regarding his practice hours and at times physically and emotionally abusive too. Beethoven was born to a family of musicians. He was named after his grandfather who was also a musician. Beethoven made his stage debut at the age of seven.

He was deaf for a good part of his career

Sounds surprising, isn’t it? Yet it’s true. He began to hear faint buzzing and ringing in his ears when he was 27 years old which slowly led to him going completely blind. He tried to hide this fact since it was very painful to him as a musician. This didn’t stop him from composing and he composed some of his best work when he was deaf.

He was unlucky in love

 His music had mixed reviews from the women but he has been very unlucky in his own personal life. He first fell for a countess named Julie Guicciordi but he couldn’t marry her because he was a commoner. His famous Moonlight Sonata is written for her.

Later he fell for Josephine Brunswick who was also a countess and he used to give her piano lessons. Her family was against it and this relationship also ended.

A woman he courted once later said that he was ugly and half crazy.

He was bad at maths

Genius was a musician but he was so terrible at maths that he couldn’t even do the simplest of the additions and subtractions.

Mozart and Beethoven shared a teacher

Mozart was already and world-renowned genius while Beethoven was just starting. Mozart was one of the idols of Beethoven and when he moved to Vienna in his early 20s he took lessons from Franz Joseph Haydn who is also known as the Father of Symphony and also a teacher of Mozart.

He died at the age of fifty-five

Beethoven died at the age of fifty-five. Deafness wasn’t the only disease he had. He suffered from chronic hepatitis, jaundice, colitis, various skin diseases, rheumatic fever, and cirrhosis of the liver. As his last words, he said “Applaud my friends, the comedy is over.”

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