Smile:): Won’t you?

Published on July 5, 2020

“A smile a day keeps the stress away”.

This quote itself speaks thousand words to clarify how powerful and important a smile is. Smile is a treasure, a way of expressing your well being and foremost source of stress-free living.

Smiling is a therapy which if practised daily keeps stress, anxiety and discomfort away. So, why to spend money on expensive medications later if we can start smiling today and save only happiness for tomorrow.  No worries, no pain and no regrets at all.

Smile and be happy

What actually happens when you smile?

When you show that grin, the entire body blooms like a peachy spring flower. It’s like throwing a feel-good party. Smile excites the neurosecretory cells.  As a result, dopamine, endorphin and serotonin are released which relax our body and lower BP and heart rate.

Moreover, this gesture activates neural messaging system which sends the message to the whole body that we are happy and the time is lively. This neural message decreases the stress level and makes us delighted.

You don’t need to find a big reason or perfect timing to smile. Smiling is a basic thing and all you need to do to smile is feel good. You can smile observing the scenario.


You can smile looking at another individual so that it feels like some kind of expressional greeting. So, it implies that you can as per your desire but makes sure that the surrounding is not sorrowful.

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What are the benefits of smiling?

Smiling not only regulates the body but also changes one’s opinion about life.  A cheerful person has an exciting definition for life and he finds a cheerful surrounding around him.  This gesture reduces pain, fear and every negative aspect of life.


That one happy face can be a source of inspiration, a reason for survival,  the purpose of life, a way of living and many more.  If a small smile can bring such a big change then what if we become ignorant about our misery and start finding heaven in hell? Isn’t it great to conquer our fear and embrace the life full of insufficiency? It’s a yes for sure. So, carry on a happy face and step out with grace.



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