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Movies can be someone’s ideas, creations, or writing. It can be a work of fiction or non-fiction or someone’s autobiography. And I am sure that everyone loves to watch movies in their leisure time as I do not every day but at least on weekends or in a month. I had no idea what movie I should write an article for “Movie of the month”, I asked some of my friends to recommend me a movie and they did, but I was confused and was browsing all day to watch a movie and write about it and finally found one.


Movie of the month
Written and Directed by Sean Penn

Before I tell you about the movie, I would tell to keep tissues or handkerchief by your side. I specifically liked this movie and my eyes turned numb and glazy while watching, It was such a beautiful portray or biography of Christopher McCandless. Based on true events ( that’s what it said in the description) the movie contains no extraordinary scenes and is totally natural. did I say, True events? YES.

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods;
There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is a society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but nature more....
                                                               -Lord byron

The movie starts with this beautiful verse of a poem by Lord Byron.

The movie is about a two-year adventure of Chris Mccandless to Alaska. After graduating from college, Chris with his family – father(Walt), mother(Billie), and sister(Carine)- had had his graduation dinner. The dinner soon turns into a disagreement between the parents and Chris when they mention buying him a new car. Carine and Mother cool the situation and they continue having dinner. Actually, Chris loves his old car (Datson) and he does not want a fancy lifestyle. He also mentions he has $24,000.68. for the college fund.

After they all return home, Chris makes a check of $24000 and donates it to the charity. He also discards his ID, social security code, and bank slip. Chris was angry with his parents. he takes his ride and drives away from his home not letting anyone know – not even her sister, which he loves the most in his family. Chris was influenced by authors named jack London, henry David, Thoreau, and Leo Tolstoy and often use their words on any occasion. Chris lefts his home and a new chapter of the movie begins.

"If we admit the human life can me ruled by reason",

"The possiblibilty of life is destroyed"

Alexandar supertramp

Why he choose this life?

Alexander Supertramp or Alex was none other than Chris himself. He has chosen to call himself Alex so that no one can know his real identity or maybe the adoption of this alias represents McCandless’s rejection of the parents who named him and his parents’ values. Alex sought freedom and wanted to get lost in the wilderness of the world. He told ” money and power are illusions, makes the people cautious”. He hated society and called it a crazy breeze. He also said that jobs are the invention of the 21st century which he doesn’t want to do.

REAL LIFE Chris McCandless
Two years he walks the earth
No phone, No pets , No pool
No cigarettes.
ultimate freedom.
An Extremist.
An aesthetic voyager whose home is the road
so now, after two rambling yearsb
comes the final and greatest adventure.
The climactic battle to kill the false being within
And victoriouslt conclude the spritual revolution
no longer to be poisoned by civilization,he flees,
And walks alone upon the land to become lost  

This is the summary of the movie in a form of a poem.

And eventually, Alex dies in Alaska due to starvation.

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Why i choose this movie for "movie of the month" article?

I am not a movie critic, but for the “movie of the month” article, I choose this movie. I wouldn’t say this is the “movie of the month” article for you but one’s should definitely watch it. “Into the wild ” is a non-fiction movie and one should watch it alone or even you are watching it with your friends or family, maintain an environment to watch it.

This movie can teach you a purpose if you are in need. The purpose of life.

If you forgive , you love , and when you love god shines light on you

Happiness is only real when shared.

To find the meaning, watch the movie.

If you prefer reading, you can read the biography of Chris McCandless.


Emile Hirsch( Chris McCandless )

Jena Malone( Carine McCandless )

William Hurt (Walt McCandless )

Marcia Gay Harden ( Billie McCandless )

Kristen Stewart ( Tracy Tatro)

Hal Holbrook ( Ron Franz)

Catherine keener (Jan Burres)

Brian Dierker ( Rainey )

Vince Vaughn (Wayne)

Thurne Lindhart ( Mads)

Signe Egholm Olsen ( sonja )

Sean Penn ( writer and director )



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