Lost in the dark-Poem

Published on July 5, 2020

Lost in the dark is a poem that reflects a phase in life, where things abruptly change and we completely lose ourselves. In this phase, we forget what we want and start seeing happiness in things which are actually not meant for us.

This poem indicates the dark side which traps the best in us. But, like we have to go through the deepest darkest nights to enjoy the inspiring meaningful sunrise. Likewise, every dark phase in our life brings the best in us, and help us to grow. Similarly, the poem reflects a similar poetic vibe, which leaves a very relatable taste of bittersweet memories of our lives.

Lost in the dark-Poem about a phase in life.

Moving ahead towards my destination

I was no longer the same,

For the old one, it was the end

To allocate the new fame.

Finally thought to quench the thirst

Old things just became few,

Didn’t know but it was beautiful where I landed

Looking around, everything was new.

The struggles seemed to wane

Lips widened to enhance the smile,

I was protected under a shade

Thinking about walking a mile.

Shade grew and became pleasing

Felt being protected from the bad,

All continued to be joyful

Far from the thought of being sad.

One-sided shade went gigantic

Covering me from all side,

I became smaller, smaller, smaller

The darkness became wide.

Save me! Save me! I got trapped

Nothing was visible,

I ran but landed on the same

To get over it, I was not eligible.

Throbbing, sobbing, crying all way

No one was there to hear,

Years after, heard a sound today

Thank god! Someone was near.

A dreadful sound of laughter stroked

Trying to see who it was, 

Covered with lust, anger, and hunger

Just my reflection it had.

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Now realized that I was astray

Due to my own work,

I was shameful the most

Claiming myself a jerk.

It was completely my mistake

Letting the shade grow,

The dark was not good to go

Making my walk slow.

The sadness I felt before

Was the fear for the struggle?

Darkness made me last

As I became just a muggle.

I was now far from my home

Diverted from the path,

Blinded by the pollution of bad

Completely forgot the math.

Cannot end this just like that

The body is just a dress,

I left the previous one for good

But now I have nothing to express.

Waiting for the dark to fade away

Searching for the loophole,

Didn’t know who I was

Then realized,

I was the energy, I was the soul.


Nistha Panthee

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