Vows: A Promise…How to live by them?

Vows How to live by them

Published on March 28, 2021

Life exists on the string of love and attachment. The affection that we feel for others or even ourselves is what keeps us going. Further, all the warmth that we get is powerful enough to calm us down during harsh times of unsufficiences. This strong bonding and frequent communication give rise to vows and promises. Not only this,

“Life becomes easier when someone’s there who we can truly devote ourselves to.”

– Beliterary

When someone really precious stands there supporting us, we can’t ask for more. Our heart enlightens and in return, we make commitments to love and keep them safe around us. We vow to be there for them just as they did for us. Believe it or not, our journey throughout life is guided by these little promises that we vow to always stand by.

Vows- How to live by them

How to define a vow?

In most of the case, we see people vowing to their loved ones. However, a vow doesn’t always have to be the one that we make to others. The promise that we make to ourselves regarding our life, career, or anything else is also a vow.

We can’t pour from an empty cup. That’s why, before making promises to others, we must first learn to make promises to ourselves. Further, we must learn to hold onto the plans, promises, and goals that we set for ourselves. Unless we are good at this, we’ll somehow fail in keeping the promises that we make to our loved ones.

Moreover, we live by our own rules and make plans accordingly. Also, no matter how bad times are, we always have a certain vision in our minds. We are aware of what should we actually do even though we can’t show the exact same in our actions. So, all these visions, determinations, and rules that we set for ourselves are vows. They are oaths that we tend to always hold on to.

How to stand by our oaths, our vows?

Things are easy to speak up about but hard to implement. That’s the prime reason why we lag in our actions even when our viewpoint is brisk. Therefore, making vows mean nothing unless we learn to show them in our actions. But how, right? If so, here’s our solution to it:

Be actionist. Show your dedication in works, not words.


To stay loyal and forever committed to our promises, we must first understand their values. No words are to be spoken without understanding their worth. In the same way, no promises are to be made without realizing how much effort it takes to fulfill them.

So, the first rule is to be able to understand the actual worth of words. For this, we should stop making fake promises. More specifically, all the unloyal promises that we swear to stand by must come to an end. Only after this, we’ll be able to stay loyal to our chief oaths and duties.

Secondly, we should try our best to be wise and zealous. Being so undoubtedly helps us to work hard and realize things from the heart. This consequently empowers our inner strength and keeps us strong even when things go wrong. So, this ability unquestionably helps us to stay loyal and dedicated to our duties, our promises.

There are several other solutions to this query. But we are terminating it right here.

Vow: A reason to keep us going.

Amit it or not, but we are alive because we have people to be with and vows to fulfill. We wake up every morning and feel like doing things because we have someone to live for and something to accomplish. That ‘someone’ can be someone else or even ourselves.

Vows are the energy sources that keep us moving forward in our lives. Likewise, vows are our life goals and the reason behind our survival. Thus, living without vows is meaningless. For this reason, let’s start keeping some solemn oaths/vows and live by them.

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