“LITTLE WOMEN”- Movie of the month.

Published on August 26, 2020

“Little Women” is a heart-warming movie about a poor but happy family. The story was written by an American author, May Alloct and published in two volumes in 1868 and 1869. Later on, Greta Gerwig, the director, presented it beautifully in a 2h 15m long movie released on December 7, 2019. With a perfect selection of the casts, plots and wardrobes, Gerwig enhanced the beauty of this story and the final result, the movie is very pleasing and interesting to watch. If you are among those who are obsessed with classic movies, then give it a try. 

Little women
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Little Women- Summary of the movie

The movie “Little women” is about the lives of four March sisters: Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy. The 4 march sisters live with their mother, Marmiee and their dad works as a chaplain in the American Civil War. Jo is a tomboy and loves writing, Meg is traditional and beautiful, Beth is a peacemaker and loves playing piano & Amy is an artist who loves elegance. There comes a Christmas when their mom encourages them to give their breakfast to the starving family living by the woods near their place. Besides their poverty, they show a big heart because of which they receive varieties of food items as a surprise from their elderly neighbour, Mr Laurence who lives with his orphaned grandson, Laurie.

 Then the two neighbors become close and start spending time together. Meg falls in love with Laurie’s young tutor, John and gets married to him. Mr. March gets sick and Mrs. March has to stay far from home to nurse him. While Marmiee, Mrs. March is away from home, Beth catches scarlet fever and recovers many times but never gets well. Laurie falls in love with Joe but she turns him down and then she goes to New York and works as a writer to make her living while Laurie goes to Europe with his grandfather. Amy is chosen over Jo for Europe trip with her aunt and she is away from home too. In NY, Jo takes German lessons from Professor Bhaer who also falls in love with her. 

Little women

After staying for six months in NY, Jo returns home to look after her sick sister, Beth but Beth’s health status declines and she dies. In Europe, Laurie and Amy meet for consolation after Beth’s death and their romance starts. After Beth’s death, Jo feels lonely, she starts to realize how wrong she was to turn Laurie down and she decides to speak out her feeling to Laurie right after he returns back. But Laurie and Amy return home together as lovers. This makes her sad but she feels happy for her sister, Amy. Meg has John, Amy has Laurie where Jo fells alone. However, at the last, the professor comes to see her and she finally finds someone to love. Finally, they all are brought together and the ending is pleasing. With a lot in between these scenes, this movie is truly remarkable. 

Is it worth watching?

As mentioned before, if you love watching simple yet beautiful classic movies, you’ll surely like “Little Women” and even if you are not fond of such movies, you are likely to love this one as this movie is pure and inspiring as well. This movie will inspire you to live a simple and happy life. As money is something but not everything, you should stop longing for a rich and powerful life.

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Instead of wanting more, you should start being satisfied with what life grants you. You should start admiring your life and should be able to see how lucky you are to be living in such a lovely family where your siblings never become tired of laughing with you and your parents never stop loving, encouraging and supporting you. To be happy, firstly you should be able to get victory over your fear of being alone. Being alone in this world ruled by power is a rather subjective term. Once you start loving your life more than money, everything feels better and every day of life passes peacefully.  



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