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Published on June 25, 2020

Being Literary generically refers to deeming the form of art and appreciating the artistic and intellectual value of life. It is more about noticing, appreciating and owning the little things in life. Little things we miss due to the chaos of this busy world.  We work restlessly and put so much hard work day in and day-out to get something we dream for, but we get so busy chasing the goal that we forget to savor the journey. What we forget in this process is that journey is the best part of reaching a goal.

Life in itself is a journey and everything we chase for and everything we reach for doesn’t matter in the end, if it is materialistic. Because we don’t take any of the materialistic things when we are at our death-bed and none of it matters. What matters are the moments we live, the journeys we encounter, the people we meet, the memories we make, the relationship we savour, the feeling of love and the moment of rejoicing? These are the precious things that will forever hold a very special part in your big heart; these are the moments and the memories that give us a different kind of joy and forever-longing happiness.  

How can we be literary?

We live in a world full of competition and struggle. This is why we set up a goal for ourselves so that we find happiness when we reach that certain goal. Setting up a goal, working hard to achieve your goal and change your dream into a reality is not a bad thing, in fact, it is the best feeling in the world. But, what is actually bad is getting so involved into reaching that one dream so much that we work 24/7, we drain our blood and soul in the process and focus toward reaching only and only that certain goal that we forget to live our life. Yes! We forget to live the one thing that cannot be brought again and comes with an ultimate expiry date. Without realizing what we are missing on.

Living our lives and appreciating little things is as important as reaching our goal. And if you want to balance between life and journey than this might just be the only solution to it you could ever have. So, what is living life and how can we do that right?

Well, life is being and living life is being Literary. Being literary is as close as we can get to living life to the fullest. Doing things like reading books, having adequate knowledge about technology and human interactions, even listening to music and knowing and savouring the bittersweet but yet very important part of life is being Literary.

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All about beLiterary

So, focusing on the core and the most valuable aspect of life we brought a platform where we will get knowledge and resources about savouring little things in life and the important aspects that matter to live it.  BeLiterary is a platform that will especially help you get an escape from the chaotic life and live every bit of it.  This blog will mostly focus on carving in words that sometimes deploys language in ways that differ from ordinary usage. From getting inspired and enjoying the songs that will make you happy to know the things we are missing out due to technical interference in our life, to digital wellness and much more, we will be vocalizing things that will help you to be literary and be you.

Sashya Paudel

Sashya Paudel

February 2, 2023




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