Imagination: The key to Human Existence

The best use of imagination is creativity whereas the worst use is anxiety.


Imagine living without any imagination. It’s tough, right? Humans exist because of imagination and imagination exists because humans keep on imagining about several things time after time. Fabrication is the ability to create visuals of new ideas striking your mind. It is connected with your desires; it is the source of new creations and a new way of living. Imagine good and you will create a heavenly environment and imagine of bad and you’ll lead to the hell. This shows how virtuous yet evil a vision can be. 


Imagination is a key source of human existence. Great inventors and conquerors kept on imagining things. So, they were able to bring something new on this planet time and again. Our adaptability with the environment was not enough for uplifting human civilization. It took many years, many contributions, inventions and formulation of many principles to reach where we are right now. These all were possible just because humans kept on imagining about new changes. With a deep faith in their imagination, they successfully stood upon the expectations of other people from them.

Imagination is a mine of creativeness and various positive changes. It can be linked with thousand other topics and whatever you see and hear of, it is sure that there’s a truce of vision directly or indirectly. 

Imagination and creation

Imagination is the key to unlock the door of the castle of inventions. Humans were lucky to have understood the greatness of imagination. Without this power of creation, it would have taken us too long to introduce even a minor change in the world but it feels like we grabbed the perfect branch in the tree full of keys to success i.e., the branch of imagination or our thinking and visualizing ability.  

Some of the topics or fields that imagination can be linked with are discussed below:

Like we know the best use of the power of vision is creativity and the worst is anxiety. So, it has the ultimate link to various aspects of life. Some of the topic and field are:

Imagination and mental health

Taking a deep look at things and visualizing new aspects that can be unleashed from them is a quality of people with strong mentality and innovative ideas. So, if you can keep yourself engaged and interested in imagination, your mental health and capacity of thinking will improve for sure.

Imagination and literature

The basic step for writing or expressing something new is to imagine about it first. As most of the writers and poets are considered dreamy, it’s no wonder for the imagination to be the core source of literature. Writers imagine a scenario, play with the words and express it beautifully through their writing. This is how your mind-power opens the gate for writers in the literary world.

Imagination and socialization

Humans came up with several holy and social principles to bind people together so that a common mantra can be flourished worldwide and human civilization can take a further step towards socialization and prosperity. To abide people by those principles, one must first imagine and come up with something that will satisfy everyone and adjoin them together.

Creativity and desires

In most of the cases, you’ll hear people linking imagination with desires, mostly the unfulfilled ones. People dream and imagine things and scenarios that they want to turn out to be real. Some desires are not really necessary or fundamental but people might keep on thinking about it and visualize it in their minds. This leads to the connection between vision and desires.

Imagination is not only an ability that resides within you but it’s your actual weapon. It is boon to the people as it helps people grow. But if one keeps on focusing on bad things and images of sin, evilness will rise and engulf you slowly. So, better use your ever ability in a proper way for a virtuous deed and nothing turns out to be better than it.

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February 2, 2023




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