Human Interactions-What are we missing?

Published on November 1, 2020

Digitalization has engulfed the modern world. Nowadays, people are consequently suffering due to excessive use of gadgets. Also, day by day people are developing the habit of being self-centered and equally self-concerned. Moreover, we are being controlled by technology. At this time, we lack the ability of foreseeing the reality of life. And to stop this all, we must promote human interaction.

Life is a restless journey on a stressful path full of uncertainties. Here, we meet people with dissimilar point of views and interests. But we somehow have to manage to interact with them. Unless we walk together, we can’t walk far. Thus, we have to move ahead collaboratively. Similarly, we have to indoctrinate each other about socialization and move accordingly.

A short introduction to human interaction:

Human Interactions-What are we missing?

Human interaction is a synergic phenomenon that assists in the evolution of mankind. Particularly, it is all about communication and understanding. Also, the way we get linked, communicate and maintain a healthy social life and everything else is included in it.

Furthermore, human interaction is a matter that is vital for group learnings and sharing of knowledge. It also assists in making memories and strengthening relationship. Besides this, synergy is essential for socialization, to create and flourish awareness and more.

Why Human interaction is important?

We humans behold the sense of common values and beliefs. Such common principles are deepened by human interaction/synergy. Human interaction strengthens our social relation as well. Along with this, it is a matter of utmost significance for below listed things:

Sharing knowledge:

Human Interactions-What are we missing?

Our society is full of people with unalike point of views. We often see people with different interests. But we must live co-operatively despite of the differences. Moreover, when we walk together to pursue a common goal i.e., enhancement of human civilization, we supposedly strengthen our relation. Along with it, everything we share and learn from each other contributes for our advancement as humans.

Making memories:

Human Interactions-What are we missing?

Materialistic things don’t last forever. But memories stays with you no matter how old you grow. So, assembling memories can be the wisest and the best thing to save for later. Therefore, interact and connect with as many people as you can, connect with them and make memories of all kind. Later, remember the good memories and be happy and remember the bad ones and learn form them.

To strengthen relationship:

Human Interactions-What are we missing?

Communication and interaction nourishes relationships. Staying connected and sharing things with people helps you to improve and flourish your relation. Actually, if any social or personal relation is not guided by communication and understanding, then it becomes hard to preserve it for long. That’s why interaction is considered to be the pioneer aspect of human life.

Social cognizance/awareness:

Awareness is the basic infrastructure of evolution and human interaction contributes for the same issue. Human interaction can undoubtedly throw away superstitious beliefs, stereotypes and debates. An educated and self-aware individual can clearly speak out against such unnecessary practices and beliefs. Additionally, he can interact with people and change their mindset and views. As a consequence of this, our standard of living improves.

Enhancement of social life:

Interaction makes you active both personally and socially. Your words can influence and help others. So, it’s better to speak yourself freely. Interacting with people not only uplifts your communication and presentation skills but also enhances your social life. If you talk with people nicely and you share a good relation with them, your social life is sure to improve. The more interactive you are, the more sociable you become.


Human interaction is our pride and our greatest achievement. It educates us for being a better human. Apart from this, it encourages us to find a better purpose of life. Along with all these things, human interaction aids for many other positive changes. Overall, we should never stop interacting. Instead we should stay active and promote communication. This will definitely help everyone to live a cheerful life.

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