How to manage ‘Me time’?

‘Me time’ is the time to nurture and love yourself. To love yourself doesn’t mean to hug or kiss your image in the mirror. Well, even if you do that, and it makes you happy then so be it. This is the basic fundamentals of having a self-time, no-one is going to know anything about it and it’s you and just you. Isn’t that lovely now?

Loving yourself primarily means to spend some personal time and enjoy the actual sweetness of solitude. Along with loving yourself, ‘me time’ includes finding the inner you, enhancing your inner strength and purifying your soul as its main mantras.

‘Me time’ is like fertile land and you, the seedling. The more you start spending time alone, the more productive you become and finish the purpose of life with ease. If you ever feel like enlightening your soul, you better give solitude a try and trust us, you would regret nothing.

Spending some free time alone is good for your social life as well as your health. Alone time introduces you to the real yourself. So, you get to know more about your flaws and correct them later on, that is if you want to. If not, your self-solitude state of being also helps you accept your flaws and love yourself.

It strengthens your mentality, uplifts your creativity, increases your empathy, and foremost it teaches you the lessons of life.    

Now that we have gained your attention, you must be interested in finding out the ways to manage your personal space. So, being concerned about your queries, we present you the list and tips of when and how to create a perfect ‘me time’. 

Make your coffee time a ‘me time’

No matter how hectic and busy your everyday schedule is, you will surely get a short interval to have coffee. So, having a nice cup of coffee with your favourite music just kicks it off.

Writing a journal

If you love writing then it can be a brilliant idea for you to spend some alone time writing journals each day. Doing so, you’ll increase your skill and you’ll be benefited from some alone space as well.

Relaxing in a couch

Wear a comfy pyjama, grab some snacks, turn on your favourite TV show or a movie and just relax in a cosy couch. Nothing else in the world feels more pleasing than this.

Playing with your pet

Sometimes you can attain the joy of ‘me time’ by loving and babying your pet. Pat your pet, play with it, feed it and carry it with love. This can deepen your love for your pet as well.

Taking a long shower

You sometimes need to give bathroom singing a try. Take a very long shower, sing and dance in the water and cherish the moment. This might sound funny but it’s worth a try.

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Meditation and ‘me time’ go well together. Meditating in free time enlightens your entire body. This can be a perfect ‘me time’ as you get to think deeper about yourself while meditating.

Observing the nature

Nature lovers can find this a better option to follow. As humans share an inseparable bond with nature, you can send your free time admiring the beauty and greatness of Mother Nature. 

Following your hobby

Finally, here comes the ultimate option that most of us are familiar with. All you have to do to spend quality time is find a way to make yourself happy and nothing can be worth it than following your passion, your hobby or your interest. You can start spending alone time by singing, painting, dancing, gardening or whatever you desire.

Laying in the grass doing nothing:

To those of you who love nature and staring deep into the sky, this could be one of your favourite things to do. Just laying in the grass doing nothing can be as pleasing as it can get. Also, let’s not underestimate the power of starring deep into that blue sky, shall we?

Watch your favourite movie or series:

Ever wondered why netflix and chill is a term? Well, when it gives us the pleasure of self-solitariness by watching our favourite stars doing what they do best then why not? Some of us don’t want to read books and do any of the stuffs written in the list above, but it is completely okay and that in particular is the ultimate goal of me-time, doing things that makes us happy.

Why the self-time is important?

Everyone is working their fingers to the bones. So, isolation from monotonous work is a prior necessity of this modern era. It’s not like we don’t get to spend time alone but we rather prefer someone giving us company and chilling out with us even during our off time. We are just afraid of being left out alone. It makes us sick to be stuck at places on our own. We underestimate our own strength.

We never think of a way to be our own fairy godmother. Moreover, getting out of hellish situations on our own is just a myth for us. We think someone is going to be with us forever, no matter how deeper we sink in the darkness. With blind faith like that of an idiot, we will reach nowhere. So, let’s try to believe in ourselves, do things on our own and let’s conquer the Everest of our dream. To make it all possible me time is in fact, very important.

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February 2, 2023




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