Emotional Intelligence

Published on July 11, 2021


Emotion is the feeling that people feel in their hearts. People go through different types of emotions like sad, happy, lonely, mad, afraid. Intelligence is the logic that people generate with their brains. Emotional Intelligence is the combination of brain and heart where people can understand and manage their felling. People with high emotional intelligence are tended to be strong and self-confident. They know what their emotion means and also about others emotions. To be a successful leader or a successful person one must have high emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence helps to make better decisions in life.

Emotional Intelligence is often compared with IQ because it is as important as IQ in person. just being emotional and taking decisions will lead to taking a bad decision and the same goes for just being intelligent. Both will lead you to make bad decisions in life everyone must be practical and take decisions with emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence helps to build a stronger relationship and achieve goals. It also helps you to overcome your challenges and conflict. Even though people being very intelligent are unsuccessful in life.

Being Intelligent

Being intelligent and having a high IQ do not make you a successful person in life. But high emotional intelligence will make you successful in life. In society people say being emotional is a sign of weakness and being intelligent is a sign of strongness. Some problem that occurs in our life can not solve by taking decision emotionally we must think wisely too.  “No matter the situation never let your emotion overpower your intelligence”.  

Emotional Intelligence focuses on the main four attributes and they are self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, and relationship management. Self-management by its name is clear which means managing your life yourself.  We must control our feelings and behavior. We just need to know how to manage emotion healthily. Taking initiative to go through our thoughts and emotion will help us meet our inner-self. We just need to take the time to embrace ourselves to know what we are capable of.

Emotional Intellegence
“Always Share Your Feelings”

We need to know how to adapt to changing circumstances.  To improve our self-awareness, we can write a journal. Taking a few moments of our day going through all the emotions we went through throughout the day and all those thoughts that were going on inside our mind. This will help us take a few steps back and slow. We must slow down and remember to examine all the decisions we made no matter what the situation was. Always remember to react calmly in every situation.

We are talking about the inner problems but the external problem or we can say physical health. Poor emotional intelligence will lead to stress which will automatically affect our physical and mental health. Stress is the main reason for depression and anxiety. People often struggle while expressing their feeling and emotion towards other. By not expressing the feeling people often go through stress.  Communicating with other people and sharing our feeling and emotions with them will make us relieved and stress-free. Everyone is unique in their own way by sharing feelings they are helping each other to grow and overcome their problems. Communication is the best way to eliminate stress and differences between one another.  https://beliterary.com/embracing-your-emotion-mental-health-be-you-be-bold

“Look in the mirror that`s your competition”. The demon we need to overcome is within us. We must control our feeling to know and understand other people’s feelings. Every person is unique in their own way we must learn to love and respect each other’s feelings. we must not judge others and ourselves based on decisions that we made. Meditation is the best way to release stress and appreciating every moment.

We must learn how to manage stress first, so we all feel more comfortable reconnecting to strong or unpleasant emotions and changing how we experience and respond to our feelings. As said emotional intelligence will help you become a great and successful leader. Leaders must have a solid understanding of how their emotions and actions affect the people around them. The better a leader relates to and works with others, the more successful he or she will be.  



Always motivate yourself with a positive feeling and a positive attitude. Motivation is the key to success we must always think that we can do anything, if we try anything thing is possible. If you are working on certain work you must first ask yourself am I happy with this work, am I satisfied. If you`re unhappy in your role and struggling to remember why you want it in the first place.

Every time you face a challenge or even a failure, try to find at least one good thing about the situation. It might be something small but there`s almost always something positive if you look for it. If you want to know what the other people are going through then, you should put yourself in his or her situation.  This allows you to respond appropriately. 

Emotional Intelligence allows us to respond instead of reacting. Reacting to certain things or problem shows that you are not mentally prepared but responding shows that you are mentally stable and prepared for any problem that comes in your life. the things that break you will make you even stronger. Being strong both emotionally and physically is important. https://positivepsychology.com/emotional-regulation-skills/

You can find some people who will discourage you in life. If you are mentally prepared and strong emotionally then no one can ever put you down. Always remember to hold your head high even though you are going through many problems and difficulties in life. you must show everyone that you are a strong and independent person. Never lose your self-confidence. You must enjoy every moment of your life while looking back in past you will realize that every little thing in life matters. Every day in life is a lesson so learn to live or live to learn the choice is always yours.



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