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Published on August 6, 2020

Embracing your Emotions. Emotions are the most complicated and yet the best part of human evolution. It is the reason why our species is determined the most capable and intellectual of all. And it’s the reason why we are human and possess compassion towards another being. It is because of our emotions that we out-forge humanity and that’s what makes us who we are. So, while it carries such big importance in our life we need to know the necessity of embracing all our emotion.

“If you can’t fight an emotion then embrace it


Our emotions are the most valuable asset of our lives that makes our life worth living. Don’t believe me? Then, just for a moment think about life as a human being with brains and intellectuals but no emotion. Well, when I think of that place all I can imagine is a place where there are creature called human that function but except that it’s all blank. Now, you must be supposing if there are humans there must be communication and activity of some sort. But, that’s the catch here.

The core inducement of intending any human activity comes with the urge of feeling. If you can’t feel the need of talking to anyone if you don’t feel the need for expressing your emotion then there is nothing at all. Similarly, without the urge and need for making a conversation, there would have been no language and no evolution. Let’s just cut short on saying there would be no human élite and that the earth would just be a monkey hub with creatures staring everywhere.

Importance of Embracing Your Emotion:

So on that note, let’s come to the importance of embracing our emotion since they make us what we are. On the contrary, our emotions are the only thing that has made us who we are. The feeling of love, hate, anger, anxiety, grief, pressure, agony, empathy, humanity, kindness, hatred, ego and so on are the most precious feeling we could ever feel. These are the emotion that is the key to our lives and should be embraced as preciously as they are.

We know how important it is to celebrate our victory, mourn our sorrows, remember our happiest moment, respect our life choices and learn from our mistakes. While all these terms are easier said than done because most of the time we go through so many things that are hard to explain. It feels as though if there were a humanity switch we could turn it all off so that life could be so much different and better.

The anticipation is very well known. Well, we know for sure that “unless someone has been on someone’s shoes they don’t know what they’re going through.” So, the question remains what do we do when we are going through something so inevitable and different how do we get through the worst times and embrace our emotion in every way possible?

We will come to answer those questions later. First, let’s address the fact embracing our feeling helps us in tremendous ways. When we are happy and forge victory we celebrate our happiness. Celebration makes memories of the time that will always push us to be and do better. Similarly embracing our darkest emotion and accepting it makes us strong. It sometimes also creates an epic moment of strength that might also click us to be stringer wiser and better human being.

Embracing your emotions

How to Embrace our Emotion?

When we accept our feelings and embrace them. By letting it in, cry, reflecting, writing it or just wisely thinking about it, we not only help understand our feelings that we were battling with but, we also help our pretty soul in tremendous ways.

Acceptance is the key:

When you are going through an emotion that’s complicated and is all over the place. It’s hard to even know what is it that you want or want to do. So, the core reason behind this is most of the time has to do with the fact of not being able to accept the circumstance. We go through course of feelings in our lifetime love, break-up, losing someone, being in an unfortunate scenario where you never wanted to be in and much more.

So, this is where you need to calm down and take a break and process the whole emotion. And to be able to do all this the first and foremost step would be accepting your emotion. Word of advice: If you ever feel frustrated over feeling certain way that you can’t believe you did this or this happened to you. Then, just know that nobody in this world is perfect and we learn the most precious lessons from our experience.

The moment you start to accept that certain feeling or emotion you are fighting with things will start to show itself in a whole new level. You will feel something changing and maybe things will start getting clear.

Let it in and then out

When you do learn to accept your feelings and let all the emotion in, no matter what they are, you will realize that it was important. Letting in emotions that we are fighting is important as they can make things clear for us. We can see the consequences, importance, reasons and some time need of holding or letting go of things.

Own it:

Like mentioned before, our emotion and capacity to feel are what makes us who we are. So, accepting and owning our emotion should be something we are proud of. Although it’s not always easy we should learn to own our emotion and make it all ours.

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Embrace it:

Embracing your emotions

Embracing your feeling is the most important part. It is actually the core part of working through your emotions. There might be times and situation where you might have a problem accepting or coping with stuff. But, what you should know is that it’s a process and you will get through it. No feeling, no emotion, no circumstances and no situation is there forever. Every situation either good or bad it is there and things start changing.

The mixture of unacceptable comes from expectation. We expect things and some kind of gesture as a return of our gesture. But, we don’t really get treated the way we treat people and we get disappointed.

We love good moments and wish it stayed that way forever, we need to know that

Sashya Paudel

Sashya Paudel

March 27, 2023




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