COVID-19: Good or Bad for the Environment?

Published on June 27, 2020

“Hustle and bustle city

 No longer sees the rush

 Human unlocking their inner potential

Mother nature is slowly healing outside

Somewhere the world is in between life and death.

And you are in your home with plenty of food to eat, 

caring family to share the love with and time to reflect back.

Be grateful and pray for the world to heal”


The tiny COVID-19 virus brought hurricanes in our daily lives. It compelled factories to shut down, halted the businesses, compelled the schools and colleges to be shut down, and locked us inside the four walls. Likewise, the outbreak of Coronavirus has already proved that there’s no such country as powerful and weak when it comes to a pandemic. Moreover, death of around 33,774 people in Italy and the highest number of confirmed cases as well as the death of 109,143 people in the US shows the egalitarian treatment of the virus on people, regardless of their economic status, creed or caste!

Since no COVID-19 vaccine has been officially introduced yet and there are no known curative measures to treat coronavirus-infected people till date. Self-isolation is the only precaution the world has been taking to which Nepal is no exception. The confirmation of the 1st case on 23rd January in Nepal and the gradual increase in the number of positive cases has ultimately led to the implementation of lockdown here.

Weekly COVID-19 Insights:

The first week of the lockdown somehow had toiled on the mental health of people, since news about the surging death rate was widespread.  And still, due to the increasing number of positive cases and extensions of lockdown, psychological effects on people of all age groups have become a hot cake. The extension has reported having posed a number of questions including, “What after this?,  Is this virus leading us to the end?”, and thousands many more within.

Also, the announcement of lockdown because of COVID 19, however, has encouraged me to see things from a different lens.  I discovered instant energy and push from the back to read the books that were on my shelf for years. To learn those skills which I always had in my thought and definitely, to live life upon my own terms along with the fear of COVID 19. I have, at the same time, realized the inevitability of nature’s response to human and human’s realization of their own inferiority. 

The hundreds of flights being cancelled, empty streets, and less human travel has led to a drastic positive change I can sense in the environment. Nowadays, even in a busy city like Kathmandu, chirping of birds has been my morning alarm. The beauty of Jacaranda is hauled on the way to Jamal. It’s like a purple carpet spread all over welcoming positivity and cautious hope. 

Finding Good in the Bad

The environment during this COVID-19 lockdown period has been cleaner, skies seem bluest than ever, and a clear view of mountains can be observed from the roof of my residence.

Moreover, Venice, a city of water bustling with millions of tourists is empty because of tiny yet powerful COVID 19. Research also states that “Germany might reach their climate goals” because of the fall in the greenhouse effect and drastic cut in CO2 emission. Work from home instead of rushing to the workplace has been a boon for nature but bane for the world economy.

And, this is where we instigate to probe, “What after lockdown ends?” 

Are we going back to the same normal or new normal?”

Amid the tremendous human suffering, nature is healing. After the end of lockdown, will we be able to keep the essence of the environment positive?

Nature in COVID-19

That is also why I believe, we can definitely do this. If we become mindful regarding our consumption, follow sustainability and realization within us regarding the fragile lifestyle we were adopting before lockdown.

To summarize, amidst the negativity COVID 19 outbreak has spread during the lockdown, positive changes seen in the environment is the note I have taken. And I assert, the environment we have now must be protected and measures to keep it cleaner and greener should be maintained once we get back to a new normal!

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