Communication- How it can make or break a relationship?

Published on June 30, 2020

The literal meaning of the word ‘communication’ is ‘to share’. It is the act of sharing ideas, concepts, opinions, views, knowledge, facts, and written content between different individuals. Simply put, it is the exchange of information from one place to another.  

Communication is often called the foundation of a community and because it holds everyone together, its role in people’s lives is inevitable. A person who communicates is likely to have a healthy relationship with everyone in the community while a person who doesn’t communicate is often left out and feels lonely. 


Essence of Communication

Talking and listening to one another is a must in any kind of relationship. No matter how well you know your partner, family member, friend, or relative, you cannot read their minds. Here, communication plays a vital role to avoid misunderstandings that may cause hurt, anger, resentment, or confusion which leads to breaking of relationships.

The most important part of effective communication is listening. While having a conversation, most people just tend to show that they are listening instead of actually listening to people. They don’t want to indulge in deep conversations to understand what the speaker is really trying to tell. This might later cause misinterpretation and trouble in the relationship. 

Friends and communication

On the other hand, if you ponder on the speaker’s words instead of just pretending,  you connect to the person and truly be there for them. This might cause you to reciprocate back and discuss further which makes the communication interesting and effective. Not only that, but you also encourage your partner to open up to them and share their feelings honestly.

When you do actually listen to the other individual and reply with the right response as in “tell me more”, “I want to listen”, ” Talk to me, I’m here to listen” then this creates a deeper bond between the two of you. By doing this the other individual feels safe around you and their mind-blueprint creates a secure and coherent connection between the two of you. Since human beings are made of Interaction and have a very a simple yet complicated mind blueprint, it’s no rocket science to understand how a deeper connection makes everything easier in every aspect.

Communication on social media:

Social media is the most popular means of communication in today’s world. It causes different kinds of relationships to start and even end. While it is easier and convenient to communicate through social media, it is not the most effective means of communication. 

Social media acts as a barrier to the direct conveying of emotions and messages. People are too busy minding their own businesses that they have very little time to reply to their emails and messages. Hence, they ignore the messages most of the time or tend to reply just for “the sake of replying”. It might cause people to lack interest in the relationship and the connection eventually fades away.

Also, since they don’t have face to face interaction while chatting on social media, they lose sight of a possible connection and a could-be relationship, no matter what the relationship would be, friends, best friends, soul mate, or a mentor. 

However, sometimes, social media can help to build a beautiful relationship by bringing people closer. It has become a platform to meet new individuals and make friends. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship through social media, then you surely have to make sufficient efforts. You have to keep in touch with the person and keep checking on them from time to time. Sending your wishes and thoughts to remind them that you are thinking about them on their birthdays or special events will strengthen your relationship with the person.

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Communication builds connection:

Communication has proven to be the most effective way of building a connection. The more you communicate with people, the more you learn about them. This helps you know each other better which is the sign of an instant connection. Listening to others without judging their views and perspectives is very important. It shows that you care and respect their feelings. This automatically causes them to have stronger feelings of trust for you. Lastly, when you have a trusting relationship, everything feels so much better. Having you count on for all of their decisions and life problems makes people feel important.

Therefore, proper communication can help nourish a healthy relationship while a cold half communication can cause the relationship to weaken and eventually fall apart.



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