Breaking the Pattern- Live to the Fullest.

Breaking the pattern

Published on September 18, 2020

Breaking the pattern… A way where you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

God gifted life to each one of us but didn’t teach us how to make our living worth it. We have to labour own-selves and live a life, we dream of. But in the hassle of creating a beautiful future, we compromise our present. We focus on the same thing again and again and develop a habit of behaving and working in the same way. This sets some monotonous patterns and it becomes hard to break them. But as you’re a reader of Beliterery, you needn’t worry. We’re here to help you in every possible way. Hence, if you’re eager to learn about how to break the patterns of life, make sure to read till the end. When you do, you will find multiple ways to breaking the daily normal pattern and having a little adventure for life.

Life is not only about living. It’s more about how you choose to live. Things you do on daily basis represent you. The way you talk, behave, the way you socialize and ultimately the way you live has a lot to do with your daily activities. Things you choose to do changes people’s perspective towards you. So, be sure to do good and be good.

It seems pretty easy to say, ‘Do good’. But in actual, things don’t always go as we plan. Everything needs time and what we actually lack is time. We are impatient to be exposed to a bright future. Therefore, we work hard from a very young age. Afterwards, when we grow to an adult, we become over-concerned about our life and create monotonous patterns of life.

Some Amazing Pointers on Breaking the Pattern:

Sometimes you might not notice such never-ending patterns in life. But at a point, you’ll surely find yourself being dragged into pits full of them. So, in such cases, you’ll have to search for a ‘pause’ button. For this, here are some solutions:

Step out to a different genre of music, movies and all

Breaking the Pattern
Woman character listening to music on a digital tablet

To break stressing patterns of life, you must be evolving. Therefore, try to do things which aren’t of your preference as well. Watch movies and listen to the music of different genre. If you love classic, romantic movies then step out to action, war movies and vice-versa. Besides it, you can even watch fantastically animated movies and freshen up your mind.

The same goes for music, just modify your taste in music a little bit. If you’re into an old classic, romantic music then try listening to metal-rock, pop, jazz music or whatever you like. Sometimes be elegant and calm listening to love songs whereas, sometimes rock with the metal songs.

Try reading novels, stories, poems or any literature book

Breaking the Pattern

This solution is primarily for those who love visual presentations such as movies, TV shows, etc. Reading books require a lot of patience and time. So, people often leave it as a second option. But sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone. Then only you can get over your hectic monotonous life patterns. Hence, try reading books and raw creations of authors. Read novels, stories, plays, poems or any other books that attract you and dive deeper into the sea of literature.

Attend live plays and concerts

Breaking the Pattern

Very few of we youths attend live plays and dramas. And even if we do, we lose interest in it sooner. Moreover, we are too busy for such things. But to change ourselves, we must change our habits a bit. So, it’s better to attend live plays, dramas and story recitation programs sometimes. It’s a worth it thing to do.

Similarly, sometimes attend live concerts, have a cool after concert party and enjoy. Doing so, you’ll freshen up your mind and lessen your misery. Also, crowded places teaches you how to socialize and connect to people.

Keep a daily journal

Breaking the Pattern with writting

If you are not used to writing about your day, better give it a try. Writing things up truly helps you realize how was your today and analyze how you want to spend your tomorrow. It’ll help you set goals and work accordingly. Also, such journals are fun to read later on. So, start keeping journals as a part of your daily routine and change your way of living.

Take a day off from your work and follow your passion

Do something new

Working too hard and doing the exact same things daily makes you dull. So, sometimes you must take a day off and enjoy doing what you love the most. Stay away from the crowd, in a peaceful spot. Play games, paint things up, play instrument and sing, plant flowers in your garden, order mouthwatering foods that you see online and enjoy it. Except these, you can do whatever and however, you desire. Forget what your duties are and act childish for an entire day. The day is yours and it won’t come back again. So, be sure to enjoy the day without any regret.

Go on a short bike or car drive or an evening walk

Every day is not meant to be the same. So, sometimes you can escape from your evening work and go on a short bike or car drive. Ride your bike, cycle or car and go on a short trip to your nearest beautiful and peaceful place. Or, you can even go on an evening walk with your pet and get some fresh air. This will also help in a tremendous way on breaking your pattern as it is the get-away you can have from reality and away from your problems.

Life is steady, you don’t even get a chance to admire how much you’ve grown up and evolved as an adult. Life finds a way even in extremely chaotic and stressful times. So, never stop on the mid-way. Go with the flow of life, overcome every difficulty and try breaking the never-ending patterns in life. Otherwise, you’ll drown within it. Therefore, widen your reach and try as many new things as possible. Walk on your own revolutionary road and make a new count.

So, these are some of the easy ways that will help you in breaking the pattern of your everyday life. Since life is also about doing experiments and finding what makes us happy, you should definitely try some of these ideas to test if they work for you.

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