Book vs E-Book: Which One Is Better?

Book vs e-book

Published on June 6, 2020

Book vs e-Book? Well…

With the ever-evolving world comes an ever-evolving technology. We have been witnessing the evolution of technology throughout the passage of time. During this time we have seen science and technology reaching immense height and Artificial Intelligence growing towards becoming something extraordinary. This development, initiations, and innovations have made our lives easier and made the world a small place where we can reach excessive heights. But, the ever-growing technology has also replaced some of the best feelings in the world. This has been affecting the core of human existence which is human interactions. Technology has affected human interaction in many ways and replaced so many things that actually truly remind us of who we are.

More about Core value:

This doesn’t mean that technology is completely eradicating human interactions and altering the world in a completely different scenario which could be true, but we can’t ignore the fact that it is affecting the human interface and humanity in some ways. To be more precise, there is a big difference between watching the picture of nature in your screen and gazing at Mother Nature herself and taking in that fresh air. Similarly, there is a big difference between reading a book you love physically and virtually.
E-books have also been considered as a great innovation as it has many benefits, we can have access to 100s of our favourite books from anywhere and can read them any time, it doesn’t occupy a lot of space. It is easily accessible and has many features such as highlight, built-in dictionaries and much more.

book vs ebook

But, today we will be looking at what we are missing by using e-books and in terms of Book vs E-book, which one is better?

So, although usage of e-book proceeds, on a personal level we love reading books in a more physical and realistic version. And today we will be stating what we are missing while using e-books.

1) The sensation of a real book:

When we read a new book/novel, its colorful cover, beautiful coordination, and the actual touch give us anticipation to turn through the pages and go through it. The feeling of having the book in our bare hands and reading it while flipping back and forth through the pages is a very different feeling. This is the feeling that we lack while we read the e-book. Nothing compares to the feeling of realness and giving in to the entire five-sense, while that is not possible with the e-book.

2) Treasuring and Sharing:

book vs ebook

Ever seen a classic book with a secret note inside of the pages and maybe a flower in between pages. Well, yes! That right there is something that is just impossible to do with e-books. It used to be so common during the time back then but this feeling is now somewhat rare. More to that, when you read a book that gives you the best feeling in the world then some can even change us and give us a kind of motivation that might change our world. So, when that happens we can treasure it and also pass on the book to someone we want to.

3) Annotating:

We can draw, highlight, fold the pages and write down things we want in our books and that will stay there forever. Not only will it give us a beautiful feeling in the world but will also hold on our thought and our feelings in ahead time. When one day we will be going through the books we once read the memories starts coming back as a flashback. Not to mention how fun it is to color our favorite portion in various colors and doddle some drawings on the side.

4) Quick skimming:

While reading a book we can have easy access to flipping through the books and turning the pages. And it is easier when it can be done physically. It is not just easier but faster as well.

5) No eyes restraining:

Reading a book laying in your favorite couch or sitting in any of your favorite places is so much easier and it doesn’t even restrain our eyes. While for e-books, too much screen-time cannot just restrain our eyes but can also hurt our mental and physical health let’s just face it, we are so much into laptops and computers that we use it all the time. Also, it is a part of work for so many of us. So, when we do that all day long reading e-book just doesn’t feel as real and good as the book, except for the times when we travel a lot but that can be an exception…

6) No electrical issues:

Reading a real book doesn’t require a charger and is not expensive. Also comparatively not everyone can afford e-book and in that sense as well book is much affordable then e-book. So, overall we don’t need to face electrical issues and enjoy it.

These are some of the best feelings and things we might be missing out on when we read the e-book. Although the e-book is not bad and it does have many good features, book lovers can put up a great argument when it comes to the debate between book vs e-book.

“There’s nothing like a printed book; the weight, the woody scent, the feel, the look.”
― E.A. Bucchianeri

Let us know what do you prefer book vs e-book? in the comment section down below and also drop the name of your favorite book if you have one.

Sashya Paudel

Sashya Paudel

February 2, 2023


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