Best Creation of Shakespeare- How it is still Impactful?


Published on July 14, 2021

It’s a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

– Macbeth

Best Creation of Shakespeare? Four hundred years have passed since the death of Shakespeare. A countless number of different authors from different places, societies have come and passed but still, Shakespeare is more relevant than them even after four centuries. His influence can be seen everywhere. He lives today in our language, our culture, and society and through his enduring influence on education. His works are about life, death, love, revenge, grief, jealousy, murder, magic, mystery, and most importantly tragedy. His characters are mostly tragic heroes.

Macbeth – Best creation of Shakespeare

Among many of Shakespeare’s creations, I find Macbeth as one of the top-tier tragedies ever written. It is one of the best creations of Shakespeare. Despite being written over a few centuries ago, it is still difficult for new or any other writers to compete with it, which shows how ahead of the times Shakespeare really was. Even the greatest writer of today’s modern society acknowledges Shakespeare as one of the greatest writers ever born. The way the play is set out, it has great context and dialogues. The way the characters are portrayed is just phenomenal. It makes the readers and audience filled with excitement.

Macbeth is about loyalty, fate, free will, unbridled ambition, revenge and it also portrays the difference between appearance versus reality.

Best Creation of Shakespeare

Macbeth is the story of a Scottish nobleman, who following the prophecy of three witches, becomes the ruler of his country after killing his own King, King Duncan. After being crowned the next king, Macbeth continues to kill his potential political rivals. Macbeth is killed as a consequence of his unbridled political ambitions. The story describes how an innocent individual is easily manipulated by public interests and how his moral ethics are affected.

The story best describes what an individual does after getting absorbed by madness for power, how he abandons his loved ones, and ultimately how he forgets his humanitarian self. Macbeth best portrays greed and guilt and how it affects an individual’s mental state. It also shows how the good always succeeds at the end and how the bad is always defeated at the end. It gives us moral values which people tend to ignore. This is why I consider Macbeth as the best creation of Shakespeare.

More About Macbeth

Destruction arises when ambition sees unchecked by moral constraints is the main theme of this play. Shakespeare’s works are timeless, his characters are timeless and ultimately his themes are timeless. And the fact that I find amazing is that all his creations are unwittingly relatable in our human life. Many countless plays and movies and dramas have been played and made but none of them can be compared to the original plays of Shakespeare.


According to the Guinness Book of world records, more than 400 movies based on Shakespeare’s works have been made, more than any other author in history. This shows how great his creations are. His stories are driving the plots behind some of the biggest series on television, “House of Cards”, the tale of a power couple with jolting ambition sounds a lot like Macbeth. Yes, of course, many new series, dramas, plays, movies have been made and introduced but they ultimately resemble Shakespeare’s creation unwittingly. We cannot deny the fact that many ideas of our new plays or creations of new authors resemble Shakespeare’s ideas.

Without Shakespeare English, American or any other literature would not exist as it does today. In his plays and dramas, he explored the issues of ambition, loyalty, honor, and the inevitable conflict that individuals face when trying to balance personal and public interests. His approach to bridge medieval and classical literature are what created modern literature as we know it today. People quote him almost every day and people can still relate to his characters, stories, and themes. His works are still impactful in the 21st century in many aspects of life. It may be love, jealousy, guilt, revenge, or anything else.


There is not a single work of his that does not relate to human life. The influence that Shakespeare has on the English language has very deep roots. He has introduced over more than 1700 words which we use almost every day in today’s context. He is also identified several times as the first user of many different phrases or words.

His works have been a major influence on our society. His plays, poems, and sonnets teach life lessons that are still relevant in today’s society. His works usually give meaning to life. He depicts what guilt can lead upon, whom and what should people trust, and how human ethics are easily manipulated. His works depict how society behaves in different situations. His works connect an individual emotionally and psychologically.

His creations also have a great impact on today’s modern theatre. Not only did he create some of the world’s best-admired plays, but he also changed English theatre by emphasizing character portrayal, plots, language, dialogue, phrases, and genre. Many plays have been recast based on Shakespeare’s creation. His works are hilarious, compact, epigrammatic, and emotional. The readers and audiences can definitely identify themselves with Shakespeare’s characters and stories with qualities and traits. You can also see how relatable the character of Macbeth is. His characters depict the emotions of common humanity.


The relevance of Shakespeare’s creations and works is timeless and his relevance in the 21st century cannot be denied. He is popular today for all of the above-mentioned reasons and most importantly because he understands how a human mind works as well as – or better than – any other writer. He portrays the most complex themes of human life with such ease and prowess.

The way Shakespeare illustrates murder, ambition, love, revenge, greed, sense of guilt, betrayal, and tragedy in his works ignites the fire within our own souls. Our beliefs, assumptions, and prejudices are constantly challenged by Shakespeare. He created profound and complex characters that are extraordinarily heroic, villainous, tragic, and immediately identifiable.

Shakespeare remains stitched into the fabric of the English language and will continue to be popular as long as time exists.

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