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Published on July 8, 2021

Healthy health practices

In today’s modern and fast-paced world it is extremely important to maintain a balanced life. A balanced life will be gained through healthy lifestyle choices that you make and the healthy habits you form. Your healthy habits are what benefits you in the long-term as it keeps you in good physical condition.

Good health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. With everything changing at a rapid pace, it is difficult to stick to healthy habits that are necessary for your personal health and well-being. It is even harder to follow a pattern nowadays as everyone is stuck in their homes due to the pandemic and we are isolating ourselves and maintaining a social distance. This is causing harm to people’s mental health.  As people now have no way to spend their time they’ve started to binge-watch. They are not aware of how much food they are putting into their body which is resulting in obesity and various health issues.

How to adhere well to a healthy lifestyle?

There are several options available for you to adhere to your healthiness. The first and the most crucial thing would be to practice mindfulness. It is detrimental to the success of sticking to a healthy routine. What it does is that it will aid in creating awareness in your life and will guide you to be mindful of your choices as you are trying to be calm and be there in the present moment. Also, it will help to create a positive space for what’s happening right now. This is the first step you can practice which will help you out to break your bad habits.

Healthy eating habits

You yourself are responsible for what is happening in your life as the actions you take will shape how your life will be. It is, therefore, crucial to build and form habits that will help you lead a quality lifelike cutting out processed foods, drinking enough water, reducing sugar intake, checking on your emotional health, taking part in some physical activity, avoiding snacking, etc. These habits will contribute to a longer life span in good health reducing the chance of major chronic diseases such as depression, stroke diabetes, cancer, etc as well as premature mortality.

Keeping track of your daily activities:

The changes can be made slowly and gradually so that you won’t be overwhelmed by it and won’t tap out. As it is quoted “Small steps lead to big changes”. Breaking your bad habits can be quite tough but you can apply various strategies to abide by your choices.

While making a choice you can start by making a plan and as you go along with it and start taking actions, you’ll figure out what works best for you and then it will feel easier as you get habituated. Another thing that will really motivate you to continue is tracking your progress as you work for yourself and having a plan that is effective in the long run.

And you will want to keep in mind that new habits can be formed in 21 days. You will want to keep your mental health in check while forming new habits. And while doing this make sure you eat right. People nowadays eat way too much than needed in order to cope with the stress they are having from the things that are happening in their everyday lives. Thus it is an extremely harmful practice as you can suffer from various health diseases. Let there be proper gaps between your mealtimes. Fueling your body with foods that are easy to digest and that helps in rejuvenating itself is a must. Because everything you eat will determine how you feel and determine how your body functions.

Sparing some alone time/me-time:

Spending time with yourself is another way through which you can achieve a better way of being. This includes exercising your brain by reading new books, listening to podcasts, watching a video, etc or doing something that enables you to act physically. It is essential to incorporate exercise into your routine as it will aid in stress relief and also helps you sleep well. This will support you mentally as well as keep you from feeling bad about yourself. Another thing you can do is give up bad habits so that you have enough space to create new ones. In today’s world, we have to cut back on various things so that we have enough time for ourselves. Managing your time properly will also help as it will make you focus on things that are important.

Giving up on unhealthy practices:

Habits of smoking, chewing tobacco and taking drugs can be dangerous for your health so it is better for you to avoid these things. Sleeping well also will help to cleanse your body. Your body needs rest and sleeping is a prior form of rest. While you’re asleep your body regulates hunger-suppressing hormone i.e. leptin which helps in regulating body weight and your body also regulates cortisol level which keeps your metabolism up. In the modern era of technology, you can also use the Internet to your advantage by looking up tips and tricks to be loyal to your choices that benefit your wellbeing. There are certain apps that are created in order to help you to set your goal and reach it. These apps are quite easy to use and are there for your convenience. If you are having some problems or you are not able to find ways to stick to your routine you can also find hacks through the Internet.

Eating right, getting regular exercise, avoiding tobacco and drugs and sleeping well are the four things that are essential for a healthful life. But you can always add and adjust as much as you can in order to lead a quality life.

The ultimate essence of a healthy life:

The eight dimensions of wellness should always be kept in check which is emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational, and social. And if you haven’t started yet, this would be the perfect time to start building new habits, work on yourself, be joyful and lead a happy and healthy life.



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