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Actually living

Published on March 28, 2021

Living only happens once, this is the term we hear a lot. But, the question is do we live by them? We know that we only live once and there are certain things we want to do during that time span. Most of the time we don’t do things because we are afraid and are restricted due to societal imbalance and the scrutiny that comes along with it. And the other times we don’t do it because we are restricted by our own willpower. We limit the amount of love, happiness and freedom for our life according to the imbalance and dark phase we went through earlier in our life. Limit ourselves to a societal pattern because we are scared of taking chances. We don’t want to risk it because we are not sure about it.

But the weirdest part is we keep limiting ourselves from the love, lifestyle, pattern and freedom we deserve. So, now that we think about it… ARE WE ACTUALLY LIVING?

Let’s break it down!

I was watching this Indian movie “Tribhanga” earlier, it showcased the art and beauty of a raw-artistic life. More than the art it was the truth and raw part that caught my attention. This movie shows the perception of life in three different ways. It’s about life choices, decisions, fucked-up reality and also mistakes, but more than that it’s also about living your life on your terms, it’s about feminism, hard work and dedication towards passion. There are three main characters in this movie the grandma who is also a phenomenal feminist, leader, writer and pure artist by heart.

She is fierce, motivational, dedicated and a strong feminist who knows how to take a stand and live life on her own terms. But, what was intriguing about her is the way she was so different from the whole world in her early 70s and 80s. When the whole world was out there living a very patterned and somewhat backward life. She was already a writer, who followed her dream. A strong independent feminist who made her choices and lived her life according to her choices. A true motivational leader indeed.

The other character is the daughter, an artist who made her mark out there in society. An aspiring actress but of course with anger issues who has been through her own problems in life. However, the best part about her is that she is vocal about her struggles and reflects the same charisma that her mom possesses. She is strong, independent and a true fierce character who still has a soft spot in her heart. Although the most twisted and somewhat the centre of the story, she reflects a strong and brave character who is determined towards her passion and lives a free life. She’s successful, rich, been through things and has made her choices but doesn’t regret them and embraces them.

Another character, that is also the centre of the story is the granddaughter, who is soft-hearted, sweet, loving, caring, has a family. She is married stable and is always the cutest/sweetest one. She is actually the most sorted one in the family, who tends to be a very loveable character. But, this doesn’t mean she is not fighting with her own demons. She has been through her fair share of trouble in life and is trying to conquer it on her own terms. She is also pregnant and is really happy to be a mother. All she wants is to give her child a life she couldn’t have, like every mother, and who wouldn’t?


There are more character and this movie is filmed like a documentary by a follower of the grandma who happens to be a PhD holder in feminist literature himself. But, the story of the Centre characters Massa the grand-daughter, Anuradha aka Anu- the daughter and Nayan the super amazing grand-mother is what makes it really amazing. These characters are great on their own and influence their audience especially girls/women to be loud, heard and vocal about their needs and desires in the best way possible. This doesn’t in any sense mean that they had a perfect life. In fact, they made some fucked up decision and screwed up royally in their personal space. They have their demons, their own ways to conquer them, and had a lot to learn from life while also learning a lot.

This is a clear picture of how we make decisions in life. While making decisions we often try to follow a relatively easy path that is carved for us by society. Sadly enough, we tend to follow it due to the human need of being accepted, involved, fitted and appreciated. But, when we are different and follow a very different pattern in our minds, we automatically can differentiate with the pattern and learn to live freely. All it takes is courage and dedication.

Yes! It’s a fair balance of courage and dedication that makes us different and helps us live a life we deserve and truly want. Courage is something that comes when you are strong enough to realize your worth and dedication is something you’ll have when you follow your passion. The characters in the story especially Nayan and Anu follow a strong passion and sense of courage, dedication and Openness, where they are bold enough to make the craziest and the stupidest mistake and still own it with ease. However, the granddaughter Maasa is afraid to be as open because she is afraid of the consequences of her mother’s decisions that she had to face in her childhood. She is afraid of following the same pattern in her life.


Overall, this movie made me look at things and life in a certain different way. It made me realize that it’s okay to make mistakes and not to be okay sometimes. When we make decisions we face consequences, it might be either good or bad but as long as we live we must overcome the fear of bad outcome and make the decisions anyway. Because, when we die there is nothing that we takeaways from the regrets of not living to the fullest while we could.

So, live your dream, think your own thoughts, be who and whatever you want to be and never,…I REPEAT NEVER be afraid of screwing up. But, when you do, own it royally. Don’t leave a tiny amount of regret in your life about living life differently, just do it and if you can’t right now work for it and then do it, but do it anyway.

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Sashya Paudel

Sashya Paudel

February 2, 2023




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