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“World Music Day”: The Best Day in History?

Music is an indefinable sensation that influences our soul in indefinite ways, and to honour this art we celebrate "World Music Day". From enjoying the beat and dancing on the song to crying over the lyrics and sobbing with the tone, we do it all with music. Music is...

Vows: A Promise…How to live by them?

Life exists on the string of love and attachment. The affection that we feel for others or even ourselves is what keeps us going. Further, all the warmth that we get is powerful enough to calm us down during harsh times of unsufficiences. This strong bonding and...

IF- An Inspiring Classical Poem

IF... -RUDYARD KIPLING Life is not always easy and we might even be in the middle of sudden misfortune. But, when you are out on a journey to search your soul and find your true self, there is no giving up. Hope this motivating/Inspiring classical poem helps you to...

Imagination: The key to Human Existence

The best use of imagination is creativity whereas the worst use is anxiety.Beliterary Imagine living without any imagination. It’s tough, right? Humans exist because of imagination and imagination exists because humans keep on imagining about several things time after...

Embracing your emotion- Mental Health

Embracing your Emotions. Emotions are the most complicated and yet the best part of human evolution. It is the reason why our species is determined the most capable and intellectual of all. And it's the reason why we are human and possess compassion towards another...

How to manage ‘Me time’?

‘Me time’ is the time to nurture and love yourself. To love yourself doesn’t mean to hug or kiss your image in the mirror. Well, even if you do that, and it makes you happy then so be it. This is the basic fundamentals of having a self-time, no-one is going to know...

6 Surprising Facts about Beethoven – Want to get Shocked?

About Beethoven Talking about Beethoven his full name is Ludwig Van Beethoven is one of the greatest geniuses in the field of music that ever lived. A pioneer of music and an inspiration to many musicians worldwide, Beethoven started music early in his life and only...

5 Reasons why you should listen to Classical Music – 2nd one is the best.

Classical Music, huh! To a generation that is obsessed with listening to pop songs and EDM, listening to classical music can be such a drag. But like Gustavo Dudamel said, “It’s not that people don’t like classical music. It’s that they don’t have the chance to...


Movies can be someone's ideas, creations, or writing. It can be a work of fiction or non-fiction or someone's autobiography. And I am sure that everyone loves to watch movies in their leisure time as I do not every day but at least on weekends or in a month. I had no...


CV, the abbreviation of Latin Curriculum vitae is paperwork or document we need to apply for any particular post or position, or company. CURRICULUM VITAE : THE HISTORY The 1400s The curriculum was born in 1482 or was first written by Leonardo Da Vinci in Italy. This...

Dream List: Bucket List

You must have heard people talking about their bucket lists or even seen some of them keeping a note of their bucket lists in their diaries or pasting sticky notes with their bucket lists in them. But have you ever had a bucket list of your own? Have you ever listed...


Books, help you grow your mindset. They create the space between the reader and themselves so that reader can get most of them. Books can increase vocabulary and knowledge that's why books are Big ocean of knowledge. knowledge does not mean academic one but life...

Neuroplasticity- A habit of making a habit.

Neuroplasticity is basically called brain plasticity, the ability of the brain where it adapts or changes to different conditions and emotions. The neurons and nerve systems in the different parts of our body are attached to the brain. They are attached like string or...

Best Creation of Shakespeare- How it is still Impactful?

It’s a taleTold by an idiot, full of sound and fury,Signifying nothing. - Macbeth Best Creation of Shakespeare? Four hundred years have passed since the death of Shakespeare. A countless number of different authors from different places, societies have come and passed...

Tribute to a brighter Future

We all have that one moment where we wish we could have talked to our younger selves. This is a great way to pass a message to your future self while being truly true to yourself. Life is a complicated thing that swings up and down like a swing. We all go through good...

Emotional Intelligence

“EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE CAN BE THE GAME CHANGE TO HIGH PERFORMANCE AND PERSONAL LEADERSHIP” Emotion is the feeling that people feel in their hearts. People go through different types of emotions like sad, happy,...

Adhering to a healthy lifestyle

Healthy health practices In today's modern and fast-paced world it is extremely important to maintain a balanced life. A balanced life will be gained through healthy lifestyle choices that you make and the healthy habits you form. Your healthy habits are what benefits...

A letter to the person who didn’t give me the love I deserved

Confession series by Beliterary, where we give you a platform to tell your story. This is also a gesture of appreciation to all the loyal fans and family who have been following us.

Confession #101

Confession series by Beliterary, where we give you a platform to tell your story. This is also a gesture of appreciation to all the loyal fans and family who have been following us. I miss you and I loved you once, but I am letting you go... Every time I walk across...

The Feeling

The Feeling is a short poem of a broken heart lost in a dillema. You found me when I was alone searching for love, looking for hope We were two hopeless , hopeless souls Too proud to care, lost in our world When you hold me under the sky , the night was so young We...

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